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Interested in Soccer Shots classes?
The Soccer classes are run and taught by Soccer Shots on our campus.

Thursday 12:15-1:00pm Soccer Shots Classic (ages 3-5) June: 4 Weeks

About Burbank First Academy: 

Burbank First Academy (BFA) dance studio and after-school program offers classes designed to encourage personal growth and creative expression in a supportive, nurturing environment.


Dance, Performing Arts, Cooking, Spanish, Yoga

  • We strive to ensure every student has a positive, fruitful learning experience overall
  • We believe every student should be in the front row 
  • We have taught generations of families and served the Burbank community for over 25+ years
  • A different kind of dance studio and after-school program where the love of dance, yoga, cooking, Spanish, and learning is for everyone!

    We offer classes to homeschool students and are a vendor for the following schools: 
  • Sage Oak Chater School 
  • Excel Academy 
  • iLead Charter Schools 
    All classes offered to chater school students are non-sectarian. Contact us at burbankfirstacademy@gmail.com for registration information and forms. 
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Our program and classes are designed to foster growth in children

who thrive when encouraged and allowed creative expression.  

We are committed to providing a supportive environment with nurturing and dedicated teachers.

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