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Pre-K Creative Movement (ages 3-5): This is a great, upbeat introduction dance class for young dancers. Be free and fly like a bird! Swim slowly like a fish! Creative Movement allows children to express themselves as they learn the basic forms of dance through movement, use of props, stories, music, and rhythmical patterns, all while fostering independence and body awareness. This high-energy class also teaches students about following directions, body/spatial awareness and taking turns. 

My First Ballet Class (ages 2-4): This is a great introduction class for new dancers ages 2-4! Ms. Marissa allows children to express themselves, as they learn the basic positions and steps of Ballet through play-based creative movement, use of props, stories, music, and rhythmical patterns, all while fostering independence and body awareness. Students will be introduced to the concepts of body, energy, space, & time as they explore themselves, their imagination, and creativity. This class also teaches students about following directions, spatial awareness and taking turns, coordination, body awareness, flexibility, self-expression, self-confidence, rhythm, and musical counting.

Ballet: Ballet is the "backbone" to all dance training. In this ballet class, students will begin to develop grace, discipline, flexibility, stamina, endurance and technique, as they learn the basic fundamentals of classical ballet. We will focus on ballet technique, such as the positions of the feet and arms, vocabulary, and musicality. Students will also be introduced to barre, center work, and across-the-floor routines. Ms. Marissa works with her ballet students on body awareness, building strength and flexibility, coordination, grace, confidence, and self-expression.

My First Ballet

Pre-K/ Kids Ballet 

Beginning-Intermediate Ballet 
Advanced Ballet: Dancer Conditioning 

Tap: Develop rhythm and timing, as we explore the sounds of our taps! Students will work on tempos, rhythms, Tap combinations, and inspiring choreographies. Tap exercises will be introduced through warm-ups, center floor, and across the floor tap steps. Exercises focus on building flexibility of the knee and ankles, coordination, and speed of movement. The class emphasis is on developing proper tap techniques, and producing clear tap sounds.

Pre-K Tap/ Kids Tap 

Beginning- Intermediate Tap 

Advanced Tap


Hip Hop: Our Hip Hop classes provided a structured method of learning various Hip Hop dance movements in a fun-filled and vibrant class environment. Classes include warm-up, across the floor, and style explorations. encouraging confidence building, independent creativity, and teamwork.
Hip Hop helps students to increase flexibility, strength, precision, and creativity to find their own style, boosting self-confidence!

Pre-K/ Kids Hip Hop 

Beginning Intermediate Hip Hop 

Advanced Hip Hop

Jazz: combines techniques of classical ballet and modern dance. Classes include warm-up, isolations, stretches, across-the-floor progressions, leaps, turns, and choreography combinations. Exercises focus on increasing flexibility, balance and strength, rhythms and isolation of body parts, and expressing personal style.

Beginning- Intermediate Jazz

Advanced Jazz/ Contemporary 


Pre-K/ Kids Yoga: Children will transform into beautiful trees, twinkling stars, tall mountains, brave warriors, peaceful butterflies and so much more as they practice yoga. This class is taught by a Certified Yoga Instructor, your child will learn safe yoga poses, breaths, and flow in a non-competitive, energy-filled class. This class will work on flexibility, coordination, balance, and posture. Yoga helps develop focus, concentration, and patience (great for preschool & school-aged children). 

Classes include learning intentional breathing, strengthening muscles, body awareness, basic anatomy, and the ability to relax. Yoga can help children's self-esteem & confidence by reinforcing non-judgment and positivity. All levels are welcome.


Art Your Way (ages 3-5): This is a fun, interactive class where the students have the opportunity and freedom to express themselves using their imagination and creative minds to explore, examine, discover, wonder, experiment, and create, “their way,” using a large variety of art mediums, loose part materials, tools,  nature and upcycle items. This hands-on class will be accompanied by classical music to create a calm and aesthetic atmosphere for them to help them focus, relax and concentrate on their creations.


Pre-K/ Kids Spanish (ages 3-6): A fun, interactive way for young students to engage with and learn the Spanish Language. Mrs. Kameny offers a warm, friendly environment with age-appropriate games, crafts, and activities, learning in non-traditional ways and methods yet experiencing the Spanish language and culture.


Pre-K/ Kids Cooking (3-5 ages): This is an interactive, hands-on cooking class the students will learn and explore food from different cultures, the science behind cooking, counting, utensil skills, sizes, shapes, colors, causes and effect, and of course, patience and social and emotional interaction between peers and teachers. Students will learn the basics of cooking: chopping, spreading, measuring, and mixing while exploring many healthy ingredients and recipes. (To protect the safety and health of each child, we cannot accept students with strict dietary needs, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, or other food allergies).


Class Locations

All Dance & Yoga Classes- are located in our Dance Studio on the 2nd floor of the Education Building. By the Nursery School Gate there is a door on the left, walk upstairs and the Dance Room in the first door on the right.


Yoga- is in the Dance Studio upstairs on the 2nd floor.


Music and Drama Room- is located on the 2nd floor of the Education Building. By the Nursery School Gate there is a door on the left, walk upstairs and the Music and Drama Room just past the Dace Studio, the 5th door on the right.


Cooking- is located in Trever Hall in the Courtyard.


Soccer- is held on the Lawn in front of the Nursery School on your left, as you come up the stairs. When it rains: Soccer is located in Trever Hall in the Courtyard.


Spanish- is in Room 1 of the Nursery School.

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